Katherine Jerkovic

The routes in february

Driven by childhood memories and the hope of rebuilding a relationship, young Sarah visits her paternal grandmother in the Uruguayan village where she was born. She left the country with her parents over ten years ago and hasn’t been back since. Sarah is in mourning for her father, recently deceased in Montreal, and she hopes to reconnect with her grandmother. However, the reunion doesn’t unfold quite how Sarah had imagined. She’s quickly confronted with the gap between her fantasy of her homeland and the reality of life in this sun-scorched village inhabited by old people where the days drag by interminably.

Director Katherine Jerkovic

Script Katherine Jerkovic

Production companies 1976 (Canadá), Cordón Films (Uruguay)

Producers Nicolas Comeau, Micaela Solé

Cinematography Nicolás Canniccioni

Art direction Olivier Laberge, Mariana Pereira

Music Inés Cánepa, David Drury

Sound design Bruno Pucella

Edition Sophie Farkas

Duration 81 min

Year 2018

Awards Best opera prima Toronto International Festival

PosterThe routes in february