Aldo Garay

The new man

Stephania is a transvestite born in Nicaragua. As a boy, he was adopted by a couple of Uruguayan leftist activists in the midst of the Sandinista revolution. At the moment, Stephania earns her  living watching parked cars in Montevideo. The film follows Stephania in her journey to rediscover her home country, where she was once a son, a brother and a boy who taught literacy and where she now wants to be accepted as the woman she is.

Director Aldo Garay

Cast Stephania Mirza Curbelo

Production Micaela Solé

Cinematography Diego Varela

Edition Federico La Rosa

Sound Rafael Álvarez

Music and sound design Daniel Yafalián

Producer Cordón Films

Co-production company Lupe Films

Genre Documentary

Format HD/DCP

Year 2015

Duration 79 min