Daniel Hendler

The candidate

“The Candidate” delivers a behind-the-scenes tale of a campaign being run in an effort to get nondescript millionaire Martin Marchand (Diego de Paula) elected to office. A team of advisers is brought in to manufacture the image of Marchand, producing social media profiles, commercials and a new public persona. Conflict arises when it is revealed that not everyone is who they present themselves to be. At his country estate, a rich businessman who wants to be president is groomed by a campaign team to create an image palatable to middle-class voters.

Director Daniel Hendler

Production Cordón Films (Uruguay), HC Films, Oficina Burman (Argentina)

Script Daniel Hendler

Production company Micaela Solé

Production company (Argentina) Pablo Udenio

Cinematography Lucio Bonelli

Art direction Mariana Pereira

Costume design Nicole Davrieux

Sound design Daniel Yafalián

Edition Andrés Tambornino

Music Matías Singer

Cast Diego De Paula, Matías Singer, Ana Katz, Verónica Llinás, César Troncoso, Alan Sabbagh, Roberto Suárez, José Luis Arias, Ricardo Merkin, Chiara Hourcade, Fernando Amaral

Genre Fiction

Formato HD/DCP

Year 2016

Duration 84 min