Daniel Hendler

Norberto’s Deadline

After being fired from his job, Norberto (36) tries his luck as a real estate agent, but he doesn’t tell his wife right away. His new boss advises him to take an assertiveness course to overcome his shyness. After hesitating and without telling his wife, Norberto starts taking classes in an acting workshop for beginners. While he works toward the quarterly theater festival, Norberto fails to get his wife and clients to believe anything he says, but he finds out he is very good at lying to himself

Director Daniel Hendler

Script Daniel Hendler

Producer Micaela Solé - Cordón Films

Co-producer Sebastián Aloi – Aeroplano Cine

Cast Fernando Amaral, César Troncoso, Roberto Suárez, Eugenia Guerty, Silvina Sabater and others

Cinematography Arauco Hernández

Art direction and costume design Gonzalo Delgado, Nicole Davrieux

Sound Jésica Suárez

Edition Andrés Tambornino

Music Maximiliano Silveira

Year 2016