Daniel Burman

Brother and Sister

They are both alone. They need each other but, at the same time, they despise each other. Siblings Marcos and Susana are unable to heal the old wounds festering within them after the death of their mother. When Susana sells their mother’s flat, she deprives her brother of the home where he had cared for their mother his whole life. Marcos’s need to start living again surfaces when his sister forces him to leave Buenos Aires for Uruguay.

Director Daniel Burman

Script Daniel Burman

Original novel Sergio Dubcovsky

Cast Antonio Gasalla, Graciela Borges, Elena Lucena, Rita Cortese, Osmar Nuñez, Gustavo Jalife

Cinematography Hugo Colace

Music Nico Cota

Production Diego Dubcovsky, Micaela Solé

Duration 105 min

Year 2010

PosterBrother and Sister