Marta García y Sol Infante

Bad reputation

Karina makes her living as a sex worker on the road and she is an outspoken activist. Now at the age of 45, and with her itinerant life, she begins to imagine life working in another field and she starts the way to organize her colleagues for their labor rights. Both challenges are difficult for a woman with a bad reputation.

Director Marta García y Sol Infante

Cast Karina Núñez

Producer Micaela Solé

Cinematography Sol Infante

Editors Guillermo Madeiro, Verónica De Cata

Color Constanza Curia

Sound Postproduction Mariana Delgado

Mix Mercedes Tennina

Music Lucía Trentini

Production company Cordón Films

Coproduction Ah! Cine y Navega Cine

Genre Documental

Format DCP

Year 2024

Country Uruguay / Argentina

Duration 78 min

Festivals Sheffield DocFest 2024