Mariana Viñoles

A great trip to a small country

In 2014, in response to a humanitarian emergency, Uruguayan President José Mujica launched a government program to host Syrian war refugees settled in Lebanon. This film follows the lengthy adaptation process of two Syrian families from the very first meeting between filmmaker and main characters in a refugee camp in Lebanon, as they leave their landscape and traditions behind, in  order to begin life anew, in a small, faraway country about which they knew nothing, called Uruguay.

Director Mariana Viñoles

Producer Micaela Solé

Cinematography Mariana Viñoles

Edition Manoela Ziggiatti

Sound Mariana Viñoles

Sound design Daniel Yafalián

Production companies Cordón Films, La Piscina Film

Genre Documentary

Format HD / DCP

Year 2019

Country Uruguay

Duration 105 min