Diego Fernández

The broken glass theory

Claudio Tapia, the ascending expert from Santa Marta Insurance, has just been promoted to distant Area 15. It is an important step for him, which monopolizes his attention andeven leads him to  neglect a very relevant moment with Lucía, his wife, and travel to the town, which will become the center of his activities. There, what appears to be a simple two-day visit…

…turns into a never-ending nightmare, as someone is setting cars on fire at an amazing rate. Soon, the insurer’s clients demand answers Claudio is not yet ready to provide. Pressured both by them and by his boss at the company headquarters, the brand-new expert has no choice but to find out what is happening in the town, and who is behind this streak of destruction, even if it implies risking his own life.

Director Diego Fernández

Script Diego Fernández, Rodolfo Santullo

Producers Diego Fernández (UY), Micaela Solé (UY), Aletéia Selonk (BR), Juan Pablo Miller (AR)

Genre Fiction

Duration 82 min

Countries Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina

Format 4K

PosterThe broken glass theory