19.172 Guide (serial, mockumentary)

A documentary mini-serie -with fictional passages- about the regulation of cannabis in Uruguay. Debate, humor and disclosure about cultivation, in 9 chapters.


Duration by chapter: 25 min tv /15 min web
Chapters for tv: 9
Chapters for web: 10

Matías Cabani – Matías Singer

Script and direction – Daniel Hendler

Executive producer – Micaela Solé

Direction production and second camera – Patricia Oliveira

Cinematography – Pablo Abdala

Microfonist Migue and general assistant – Rodrigo Gils

Direct sound – Rafael Álvarez

Sound post – Jésica Suárez

Edition – Pablo Riera

Graph – Zelmar Borrás / Lucas D’Amore

Music – Matías Singer / Los Nuevos Creyentes


Daniel Hendler is a film, theater and TV actor. His first feature as a director, NORBERTO`S DEADLINE (2010), won the TVE award in San Sebastian. THE CANDIDATE (2016), won direction and script awards in Miami and New York. He directed three web series: GUIA 19172 (2016), LA DIVISIÓN (2017) and LOS DEMONIOS (2018). GUIA 19172 received Best web serie award in Festival Audiovisual GRABA and  Best screenplay in the Rome Web Awards.