THE ENEMIES OF PAIN (feature film, narrative)

This project is supported by the Ibermedia Programme, won FONA Opera Prima prize in 2011,  Icau Production Fund in 2012 and ICAU and ANCINE Uruguay-Brazil Coproduction Fund 2012. It´s also supported by Montevideo Socio Audiovisual in production and postproduction stages. It won ARTE award in Buenos Aires Lab 2014

A German actor comes to Montevideo looking for his wife. He is quite rude and speaks very bad Spanish. He has a talent for getting himself into trouble.

A few hours after his arrival the German loses his way in the streets and runs into a group of young men who try to rob him. Pedro, an ex-addict in his forties who is going through the worst depression of his life, intervenes and helps him get away, and he gives him roof over his head and some advice about how to get around in the city.

Along the way the foreigner tells the story of his lost love to various strangers and this is how he recruits Nelson, a laconic security guard whose wife has left him and who enters into the German’s quest as if it was his own.

With Pedro and Nelson, this German sets out on a journey through the suburbs of Montevideo. United by suffering, the three men search for the German’s woman as if each of them was searching for his own.

Blinded by their inner turmoil, this improvised gang go out to raise hell in the deserted city where only people who have not been able to leave remain.

An adventure in vandalism shot through with fierce bitter-sweet humour.

The adventure of the broken hearts

Production Cordón Films (Uruguay)

Coproduction Primo Filmes (Brazil)

Script and Direction Arauco Hernández

Executive Production Micaela Solé

Arauco Hernández was born in Montevideo in 1974. He studied Cinema in Montevideo (Universidad Católica), México (Instituto de Estudios Superiores), Cuba (Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV) and New York (Columbia).

He has worked as DoP in New York and Montevideo.

In  2002, he directed the short movie Perro Perdido (16min, 16mm, B&W), which won “Innovation Prize” in Clermont-Ferrand and  Casa de América´prize  “Best New Director” in Huesca Festival, Spain.


He worked as DoP in the following fearure films:

– Gigante (Adrián Biniez) 2009 –  “Mejor Opera Prima”, “Alfred Bauer” and “Oso de Plata” in Berlinnare, and  “Horizonte Latino” in San Sebaastian International Film Festival.

– Hiroshima (Pablo Stoll) 2009 – Released in Toronto Festival, September 2009.

– Norberto apenas tarde (Daniel Hendler) –  “Televisión Española” Prize, Films in Progress, San Sebastián 2009.

– La vida útil (Federico Veiroj) –  “Cine en Construcción de la Industria” Prize,  Films in Progress, San Sebastián 2009.

– Ojos de madera (Roberto Suárez) –  Shooted in






director’s short films






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