The Demons (serial, narrative)

A rock band of friends plays periodically in the same bar in Montevideo. Their rituals remain intact until a mysterious manager appears, promising success and progress. Encouraged to conquer the big city, they will ignore some pacts and begin to change, little by little, even the musical style. The illusion of becoming professional will lead them to an adventure without turning back, perhaps prompted by their own demons.


Duration by chapter: 15 min

Chapter amount: 9


Matías     Matías Singer

Checho    Rodrigo Gils

Gonza      Pablo Abdala

Zelmi      Zelmar Borrás

Ángela    Camila Vives

César       Daniel Hendler


Script and direction – Daniel Hendler

Executive producer Uruguay – Micaela Solé

General production – Gonzalo Arias (UN3TV)

Cinematography – Diego Varela

Direct sound – Pablo de Vargas

Production manager – Patricia Olveira

Assistant director – Rodrigo Gils

Edition – Julián López 

Wardrobe – Carolina Duré

Músic – Matías Singer


Daniel Hendler is a film, theater and TV actor. His first feature as a director, NORBERTO`S DEADLINE (2010), won the TVE award in San Sebastian. THE CANDIDATE (2016), won direction and script awards in Miami and New York. He directed three web series: GUIA 19172 (2016), LA DIVISIÓN (2017) and LOS DEMONIOS (2018). GUIA 19172 received Best web serie award in Festival Audiovisual GRABA and  Best screenplay in the Rome Web Awards.