The Division (serial, narrative)

Alfredo (40) is transferred to a new division within his company. He is in charge of human resources and his function will be to optimize the productivity of employees. But, for some strange reason, Alfredo resists to execute the most effective way, the one that everyone expects from him, the reduction of personnel. Despite the warnings of his superiors, Alfredo insists on “digitizing” the company and other useless ideas that he barely manages to infect among his colleagues. But his great challenge, his main motivation, will be to conquer Macarena, a strange companion who will show him the way to a hidden world; a world without return.


Duration by chapter 8 min

Chapter amount 8


Script and direction – Daniel hendler

Cinematography – Gustavo Biazzi

Assitant director – Wenchy Bonelli

Art director and wardrobe – Juan Giribaldi

Camera assistant and Ronin – Mariano Toledo

Direct sound – Guillermo Picco

Sound post – Saavedra Sonido y Fernando Ribero

Graph: Martín Garrabal y Alexis Moyano

Executive producer – Daniel Hendler

Music – Matias Singer



Daniel Hendler – Ana Katz – Diego De Paula – Martín Garabal – Pablo Cordonet- Pedro Gómez –  Juan Fernánez Gebauer – Daniel Katz – Alberto Rojas Apel – Matías Singer – Nicolás Villamil – Susana Varela – Natalia Gorini – José Luis Arias – Nicolás Levin – Ignacio Luppi – Mariano Sayavedra – Rodolfo Vidal –


Daniel Hendler is a film, theater and TV actor. His first feature as a director, NORBERTO`S DEADLINE (2010), won the TVE award in San Sebastian. THE CANDIDATE (2016), won direction and script awards in Miami and New York. He directed three web series: GUIA 19172 (2016), LA DIVISIÓN (2017) and LOS DEMONIOS (2018). GUIA 19172 received Best web serie award in Festival Audiovisual GRABA and  Best screenplay in the Rome Web Awards.