EL HOMBRE NUEVO (feature film, documentary)

Stephania is a transvestite born in Nicaragua.  As a boy, he was adopted by a couple of Uruguayan leftist activists in the midst of the Sandinista revolution. At the moment, Stephanía earns her living watching parked cars in Montevideo. The film follows Stephania in her journey to rediscover her home country, where she was once a son, a brother and a boy who taught literacy and where she now wants to be accepted as the woman she is.

Production Cordón Films, Uruguay
Lupe Films, Chile
Written and directed by
Aldo Garay
Executive Producer
Micaela Solé


Aldo Garay (Montevideo, 1969), Uruguayan film and television director. He has directed five documentary feature films and one fiction piece. He has been part of the jury of several contests and film festivals.


El hombre nuevo/The new man (2015), Selection of the Berlin International Film Festival

El Casamiento/The Wedding (2011) Selected in more than 20 festivals and awarded at the Bafici, Málaga, Bogota, Trieste, Lima and Havana Festivals.

El Círculo/The Circle (2008) co-directed with José Pedro Charlo.

Best film at the Trieste Film Festival and Best Documentary at the Malaga Film Festival. Best film at the Bahía Film Festival.

Cerca de las Nubes/Near the Clouds (2006), best Uruguayan documentary in 2006.

La Espera/The Wait (2002) Zabaltegui Official Selection at the San Sebastian Film Festival. Selected for more than 25 festivals, achieving eleven international awards.

Mi Gringa, retrato inconcluso/My Gringa, an unfinished portrait (1998)


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