THE CANDIDATE (feature film, narrative)

The second feature film directed by Daniel Hendler was shooted in May 2015, with the support of Fona, Ibermedia, INCAA and Mvd Socio Audiovisual. Has been selected for Work in Progress in  San Sebastian Festival in September de 2015 and Miami International Film Festival Encuentros Programm for films in postproduction stages, where it won the prize. It was released in 2016, receiving the awards for BEST DIRECTOR in Miami International Film Festival, BEST SCRIPT in New York Havana Film Festival and BEST INTERNATIONAL COPRODUCTION in San Pablo Latinoamerican Film Festival.



Martín is a charismatic, brilliant and committed leader … This is the central idea that will launch Martin Marchand’s political campaing. Martin’s advisers and creative team, meet at Martín´s country-house to restlessly design his profile. However, some of them have arrived to blow up the candidate´s fantasies.

Production Cordón Films, Uruguay                                                                                                Coproduction HC Films and Oficina Burman, Argentina
Writted and Directed by Daniel Hendler
Executive Production Micaela Solé


Diego De Paula, Matías Singer, Ana Katz, César Troncoso, Alan Sabbagh, Roberto Suárez, José Luis Arias, Chiara Hourcade, Fernando Amaral, Ricardo Merkin y Verónica Llinás


DOP  Lucio Bonelli, ART Mariana Pereira, WARDROBE Nicole Davrieux, SOUND Daniel Yafalián, EDITION Andrés Tambornino, MUSIC Matías Singer