After living sixty years under the maternal shackles: protective and suffocating, Marcos, an educated and refined goldsmith, believes he has found freedom after the death of his mother. However,at 64 and dogged by unresolved family problems he is forced to leave Buenos Aires and live in exile in a small Uruguayan beach resort. The search for pleasure clashes against the reality from which he cannot escape. He is unable to bear the vacuum left by the absence. His sister, ten years the younger and with an overbearing and delusional personality, becomes the only crutch he finds to help him carry on.They are both alone. They need each other but at the same time they hate one another. The relationship between both of them has swings like a pendulum. Day after day they settle pending accounts and facts from badly kept memories.

Premiere March 2010

Production BURMANDUBCOVSKY (Argentina)

Coproduction Cordón Films (Uruguay)

Associated Producers Alfredo Odorisio, Alberto Trigo, Pascual Condito


Producer Diego Dubcovsky

Coproducers Micaela Solé y Daniel Hendler

Direction Daniel Burman

Guión Daniel Burman y Sergio Dubcovsky, basado en una novela de Sergio Dubcovsky

DoP Hugo Colace (ADF) Art Direction Margarita Tambornino, Paulina López Meyer Wardrobe Roberta Pesci Make up Verónica Sabattini Hair Etel Verón Sound Direction Jesica Suárez Music Nico Cota Edition Pablo Barbieri

Susana ………….. Graciela Borges

Marcos ………….. Antonio Gasalla

Neneca/Lala ….. Elena Lucena

Mario …………….. Osmar Núñez

Alicia …………….. Rita Cortese

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