Prize Fondos de Fomento 2012 for The Enemies of Pain and El Hombre Nuevo

The Enemies of Pain won the prize for «being a small and original project, with high feasibility and artistic risk and a renewal dramatic proposal». The jury composed by Adrian Biniez, Hernán Musaluppi, Javier Palleiro, Rosanna Seregni and Walter Tournier awarded the prize to the script written by Arauco Hernández and produced by Cordón Films.

The documentary El Hombre Nuevo by Aldo Garay, produced by Cordon Films, won the prize «for the sensitivity with wich the director is associated with an individual, and at the same time, paradigmatic story about the deep changes that took place and still are taking place in Latin America». The jury was composed by Ricardo Iscar, Ronald Melzer and Geraldo Sarno.