Cordón Films was created in 2007 by Daniel Hendler and Micaela Solé in order to produce feature films.
Daniel Hendler is an actor and director of cinema and theater. Micaela Solé is a filmmaker and producer of cinema and is the executive producer of Cordón Films projects.

Movies produced

The Candidate, directed by Daniel Hendler (fiction), 2016,  in coproduction with HC Cine and Oficina Burman, Argentina.

The new man, directed by Aldo Garay (documentary), 2015, in coproduction with Lupe Films, Chile.

The enemies of pain, directed by Arauco Hernández (fiction), 2014, in coproduction with Primo Filmes, Brazil.

Rumor, directed by Arauco and Ayara Hernández (documentary), 2014. Coproduction with Lupita Films, Germany.

Just for a while, directed by Gustavo Garzon (fiction), 2013. Coproduction with Trivial SRL, Argentina.

Between valleys, directed by Philippe Barcinski (fiction), 2012. Coproduction with Polo de Imagen Ltda, Brazil.

Southern Star, directed by David Sanz and Tony López (fiction), 2012. Coproduction with Silencio Rodamos SRL, Spain.

Brother and Sister, directed by Daniel Burman (fiction), 2010. Coproduction with BD Cine, Argentina.

Norberto’s deadline,
directed by Daniel Hendler (fiction), 2010. Coproduction with Aeroplano, Argentina.


19172 Guide, directed by Daniel Hendler (documentary/fiction), 2016, coproduction with UN3TV, Argentina.